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Chart Watch Weekly - July 11th 2022

James Masterton's Chart Watch Weekly
Welcome to another brief distraction from the grind of the start of the week.
It appears to be time to move on from the Kate Bush fuss, although amusingly the hit from 1985 is replaced at the top of the British charts by one based on an even older track. Also running from the heat of the flames of burning passion this week:
  • One place at a time for the first time since the 70s.
  • The great Metallica resurfacing is on.
  • Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran seem set for the highest new entry.

Flame-Viewing Now Compulsory
LF SYSTEM - Afraid To Feel (Official Video)
LF SYSTEM - Afraid To Feel (Official Video)
Britain has a brand new No.1 single! In the same week that it finally grew itself an official video Afraid To Feel takes advantage of the Kate Bush song sliding back to ACR to finish a quite majestic climb to the top of the charts.
You can argue the Scottish-made single is perhaps even older than the one it replaced, based as has now been well documented around I Can’t Stop (Turning You On) by Silk, an old Sound Of Philadelphia track from the late 1970s.
Exactly when it is from seems to be the subject of an odd debate. Official Charts keep insisting the Silk track dates from 1975, as can be seen on their write-up of last Friday’s charts news.
But all reputable online databases date the Silk project to 1979. The usually accurate lists all their singles and albums as having been issued that year. I’ve no idea where that 1975 idea comes from.
Silk - I Can't Stop (Turning You On) | Releases | Discogs
Silk’s lead singer (and thus the voice of Afraid To Feel) was a lady called Debra Henry who has for years been a part of Patti LaBelle’s touring band. I’m just wondering which media outlet will become the first to track her down and get her reaction to being the voice of Britain’s No.1 single of the moment.
The chart run of the LF System single was the kind of thing that gets the spidey senses of all chart nerds tingling, as it has moved a remarkably steady 4-3-2-1 in the past four weeks on its journey to the top of the charts.
I’m delighted that it isn’t my sole responsbility to research that kind of thing, as Alan Jones was on the case immediately for Music Week, noting that Afraid To Feel is the seventh single in chart history to pull off the trick. It is actually a record-equaller, no single to date having climbed 5-4-3-2-1 on the way to the top of the charts.
You could be forgiven for not remembering. The last single to move up the charts in this manner was If You Leave Me Now by Chicago - way back in 1976.
America Returns
After last week’s July 4th hiatus in reporting the US charts (all we missed was Harry Styles climbing back to the top of the Hot 100) Billboard are back in business this week. So let’s dive in:
There are all kinds of fascinating takeaways here. Harry Styles reigns supreme in America, As It Was enjoying what is now its ninth week at No.1 in America. Meanwhile Lizzo’s About Damn Time is up to second place, meaning it is now her second biggest-ever hit - beaten only by Truth Hurts which made it all the way to the top in 2019.
Beyonce’s Break My Soul is oddly stuttering, and actually slides to No.9 - compare that to Britain where it holds firm at No.4.
And topically enough Heat Waves by Glass Animals remains a fixture in the US Top 10. It has now been on the Hot 100 for 77 weeks, matching the chart run clocked up by Dua Lipa’s Levitating before it fell to “recurrent” status earlier this year. Needless to say no track in history has ever been Top 10 on its 77th week on the American charts.
The all-time longevity record is held by The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights which managed 90 weeks.
A Land Down Under
Australia are still very much in Kate Bush mode, and given the way their market works it probably won’t be too much of a shock to see the single still hanging around the Top 5 come September.
Note the strong performance down under for Doja Cat’s Vegas, as taken from the “Elvis” soundtrack. This (along with its Top 3 success in New Zealand) represents easily the best worldwide chart performance for the track so far. In Britain it is edging its way up slowly but surely, but can only creep to No.27 this week. And it notably hasn’t found its way into the Top 10 in America so far (although it is steadily sliding upwards).
Expect to see lots of attention paid to Metallica’s Master Of Puppets on English-language charts over the next few weeks, the vintage speed metal track the latest to be resurrected thanks to featuring in episodes of “Stranger Things”. The track debuts with a bang at No.24 in Australia - it is No.47 in Britain but seems set to break into the Top 40 next week.
Nederlandse Top 40
De langst genoteerde nummer 1-hit in de Top 40 stond er 16 weken. @Harry_Styles is met As It Was hard op weg naar dat record want dit is de 12e week op 1 >
Dutch is one of my favourite languages. I don’t speak a word of it, but the great thing is that you don’t really have to in order to comprehend. And so as the tweet above notes, the all-time record for weeks at No.1 on the Dutch Top 40 charts is 16 weeks and Harry Styles has this week clocked up No.12.
Kate Bush mania kind of happened in Holland, but not to a great extent with the single stalled on the cusp of their Top 20.
The continuing chart run of the Styles single has coincided with an extended run for the track I highlighted last time we swung around this way, James Hype and Miggy Dela Rosa’s Ferrari locked in place at No.2.
Years ago I used to work with a man who soundtracked his working day with tapes of a Dutch dance music radio station, meaning Dutch trance gives me all kinds of Proustian rushes. So it is with due care I this week present the fastest moving single on the Dutch charts, as performed by DJ La Fuente. This actually continues the current theme of “nicking vocals from something else” with I Want You. The track is clearly inspired by DJ Carl Cox’s 1991 hit I Want You (Forever) but the British track was itself sampling edited vocals by Latrice Brown, as first performed on Victor Romeo’s 1989 house cut Love Will Find A Way. So now you know.
La Fuente - I Want You
La Fuente - I Want You
Midweek Teases
LF System are comfortably in the lead as of the Monday evening midweeks, although Harry Styles, now a month removed from his last week at the top remains the nearest close contender. George Ezra should complete the Top 3 with Green Green Grass having pleasingly turned into the summer anthem it was always intended to be.
After narrowly falling at the final hurdle last week, Ella Henderson should end up with the notable feat of having two Top 10 singles as part of two different acts, Nathan Dawe’s 21 Reasons should be joined by David Guetta’s Crazy What Love Can Do.
It is however set to be another slow week for new arrivals. The aforementioned Master Of Puppets and the Tiesto/Charli XCX collaboration Hot In It should make their way into the Top 40 after charting outside, leaving honours for the highest new entry going to a cut from Burna Boy’s new album Love Damini (itself set to chart at No.5 on the albums countdown). That track seems most likely to be the reciprocal Ed Sheeran collaboration For My Hand which has already been granted an official video. At what point does Ed Sheeran twig he’s become overexposed and vanishes for a couple of years like he normally does?
The albums midweek leader is - for the moment - James Bay’s Leap, although it has sold a mere 4,000 physical copies and is barely 300 sales in front of Harry Styles, meaning it seems fairly likely Harry’s House is set to return to No.1 once more.
See you Friday for the big reveal.
Burna Boy - For My Hand feat. Ed Sheeran [Official Music Video]
Burna Boy - For My Hand feat. Ed Sheeran [Official Music Video]
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