James Masterton's Chart Watch Weekly

By James Masterton

From the world famous chart analyst, a weekly roundup of everything fit to print from charts worldwide. The deep dive facts there just wasn't room for in the magazine and a summary of events taking place worldwide.

From the world famous chart analyst, a weekly roundup of everything fit to print from charts worldwide. The deep dive facts there just wasn't room for in the magazine and a summary of events taking place worldwide.

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Chart Watch Weekly - November 29th 2021

So where on earth do you begin?30 by Adele arrived this week, crashed straight to No.1 and essentially caused everyone with half an interest in the charts to start vomiting statistics. I could repeat them all here but most have been so widely reported that th…


Chart Watch Weekly - November 22nd 2021

Another week of Adele v Ed played out at the very top of the singles chart this week, with the same result as before. This is music's equivalent of Federer v Djokovic as we grow bored of the same matchup and want something different. Which may happen before C…


Chart Watch Weekly - November 15th 2021

First of all, kudos to Official Charts for getting on board with the whole "tweetable graphic" of their Top 10s, just like Billboard and other charts compilers do. Making for some fantastically useful illustrations.No shock at all really, the ABBA album Voyag…


Chart Watch Weekly - November 8th 2021

Official Charts probably could have taken that picture any time in the past couple of weeks given it was a fairly obvious state of affairs that Ed Sheeran would be landing another No.1 album the moment his new collection Equals hit the online stores.So it pro…


Chart Watch Weekly - November 1st 2021

It would have been too much to expect a repeat of last week's record-mangling shenanigans and indeed so it proves, as just over 50% of the first week audience for Adele's Easy On Me melted away overnight. However, that still means she is No.1 for a second wee…


Chart Watch Weekly - October 25th 2021

So you all kind of know the story already. After six years away, during which time she moved abroad, got married, decided not to be married any more (we'll hear about this a lot I fear), transformed herself physically, but also potentially watched the music i…


Chart Watch Weekly - October 18th 2021

By a strange quirk of fate this week marks the first time since release that Shivers by Ed Sheeran is the most-streamed track of the week. For the past month it has lagged behind its predecessor Bad Habits numerically, but finally edges its nose in front (6,5…


Chart Watch Weekly - October 11th 2021

Bloody hell it was quiet this week. So quiet in fact that much of the music buzz centred around stuff that is going to happen soon, rather than stuff happening now. That's all thanks to Adele breaking cover from the teaser campaign we noted last week and conf…


Chart Watch Weekly - October 4th 2021

When something peculiar happens to the sales and streams of a particular track and you are hunting around for an adequate explanation (sometimes there just isn't one) it is easy to become focused on a particular cause.After all there's no absolute guarantee t…


Chart Watch Weekly - September 27th 2021

"It must be difficult", a friend said to me this week, "to be a chart analyst when Ed Sheeran is the only Number One we ever have".This isn't my first rodeo. I took six weeks off in the summer of 1994 and came back to find the same record was at the top. I su…


Chart Watch Weekly - September 20th 2021

Look, I don't always predict things correctly so I'm going to wallow in it when I do. Because the situation I anticipated four weeks ago has indeed come to pass.At the precise moment that long-running No.1 smash Bad Habits moves into what Official Charts like…


Chart Watch Weekly - September 13th 2021

So as expected the Drake 1-2-3 predicted in the first midweeks never did materialise (although he came damn close, as you will doubtless know). That meant that although it had to come from behind for the first time since it was released, Bad Habits by Ed Shee…


Chart Watch Weekly - September 6th 2021

I genuinely thought this was going to be the biggest story of the week. In the long and storied 70 year history of the British charts there have been just ten records whose unbroken run at No.1 stretched to ten weeks or more. The last four of those have come …


Chart Watch Weekly - August 30th 2021

No, seriously I have. I've tried to open as many Music Week chart analyses as possible with variations on the theme of Ed Sheeran becoming a habit and I'm sure there aren't any more left to do.Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran this week spends its ninth week on top of…


Chart Watch Weekly - August 23rd 2021

Ed Sheeran is a past master of the re-version. He practically invented the stunt jump-on with his competing versions of Perfect (featuring Beyonce and Andrea Bocelli respectively) which almost certainly contributed to the song becoming the 2017 Christmas No.1…